Petition to Keep Favorite Pasta is Circulating Internet


Say it ain’t so, it can’t be! Pasta lovers from all over the world have been shocked by the news that has been circulating on the Internet, all over social media platforms.

Mamma mia, what will we do? This is the question that hundreds to thousands of people are asking themselves. Loyal fans of this popular pasta company are upset and outraged.

If you grew up eating this famous pasta then you would be concerned by the news as well.

An Online Petition Has Been Circulating About This Famous Pasta



Ronzoni is a very popular pasta brand that people from all over the world enjoy.

According to Ronzoni,

In 1881, Emanuele Ronzoni, who was only a young boy at the time, came from San Fruttuoso, Italy to the United States. It wasn’t until his teenage years that he created something that would make hearts happy, stomachs full and families laughing around the dinner table for centuries. At the age of 11,

“He launched his own small macaroni company with a partner and, later, joined forces with two others to create the Atlantic Macaroni Company in Queens, NY.”

In the early 1900’s, Ronzoni decided to go into the business by himself and even start the company which was referred to as,

“Ronzoni® Macaroni Company. By the time World War I ended, Ronzoni® and its famous Genoa-style, or fancy-cut shaped noodles, had firmly established itself as one of the best-known brands in the east.”

Ronzoni Was Established And Quickly Grew All Over The World

According to Ronzoni, 

“New production plants were built in Long Island City, NY. By employing the latest manufacturing technologies of the day and committing to only quality ingredients, Ronzoni® became the number one pasta in the largest pasta market in the U.S., New York.”

“Emanuele Ronzoni was eventually succeeded by his son. The 1950s and 1960s marked periods of significant growth. Ronzoni® macaroni became available in most states along the eastern and western seaboards and Puerto Rico.”

In 2015, Ronzoni celebrated their 100th anniversary.

Hundreds To Thousands Of People Are Outraged By This Petition For Their Favorite Pasta

There has been a petition that has been circulating all over social media in regards to the world’s favorite pasta. Ronzoni makes Pastina which has been a staple in many households for several generations.

It is unknown how this petition got started or who came across the information about the latest news.

The Petition Is Against Ronzoni Discontinuing Pastina



Is this true? As of now, no one has the answers. However, Italian households have been turned upside down as the petition continues to spread.

The following petitions ( along with a few others ) are available to see online.

On, (this is a screenshot of the petition)



This petition is created by MaryAnn Tozzi who’s location is New Paltz, NY. The title is 

“Ronzoni: Bring back the Pastina”

“Please help me implore Ronzoni to continue production of their Pastina pasta.”

Attached is also a screenshot of a possible letter which is not confirmed whether it’s real or not. However, it is addressed to Sharon, possibly from Ronzoni.

Will You Or Your Family Be Affected by This Petition?

Allison Kay
Allison Kay


I personally have grown up eating Ronzoni’s Pastina, my entire life. My grandparents ate this, therefore my parents ate it and I was served this from my grandparents as a child. I always have a box of it in the cabinet and when I eat it, I fill up with warm memories of family.

This is something that hundreds to thousands of people also feel from this fan favorite pasta. Stories and opinions from all over the world were shared in the comments section of the petition.

The following are from,

“This is a staple! Don’t take this from us!!!”

“This is a staple in nursing homes and preschools all over the country. How can you just stop making them?”

“Pastina is a staple in our family. We are all very upset about your decision to discontinue a food all Italian/Italian Americans are raised on.”

“Pastina is medicine that warms the heart and cures what ails us. I don’t think Ronzoni realizes the importance of this product.”

“With all the chaos going on in the world, this comforting staple should remain. Why discontinue something that is the epitome of tlc in my home and many across the country.”

“This is a staple in my home and I’ve eaten it along with my family since 1962!”

What Can You Do To Make A Difference?

As of now, it is unknown whether this is true or false. However, this petition has 750 supporters and over 958 signatures.

People from all over the world have started other petitions and left comments on Ronzoni’s Facebook account sharing their outrage and asking for pastina to not be discontinued.

I hope that Pastina lovers get the answers that they are looking for about the uncertainty about this pasta that has been a meal of family traditions for several generations.

What’s your favorite pasta brand? Have you ever had Pastina? Share with us below.

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