Sullivan County developing a tool to better recover from climate events

MONTICELLO – Sullivan County is developing a Countywide plan that will identify and improve what drives the County’s resiliency, through the perspectives of economy, community, and environment, according to County Officials.

“Resiliency” describes a community’s ability to withstand and recover from damaging economic, environmental, and climate events, and learn from these challenges and build on strengths in preparation for future challenges.  To achieve this, Metropolitan Urban Design (MUD) Workshop, a multidisciplinary team based in Brooklyn, is helping the County identify local threats and challenges; analyze the current state of the County’s physical, economic, social and institutional infrastructure; and develop key actions to make the County stronger and more resilient.

“We hope to draw upon residents’ vast and unique knowledge of Sullivan County and our existing community networks, institutions, and organizations,” explains Interim Planning Commissioner Heather Brown.

MUD Workshop has set up two interactive online tools to collect these insights.   The project website is an overview of resiliency issues and a set of town and village fact sheets (click the “Engage” tab) that provide baseline information about our communities.  The “Connect” tab offers residents the opportunity to provide feedback or steer project leaders toward additional important information.

The mapping tool allows users to pinpoint a location in any of the County’s 15 towns and six villages – right down to a specific property or street intersection – and provide a note about economic, environmental or social resiliency relevant to that location.

“Please take the time to help us plan for our own future,” urges District 8 Legislator Ira Steingart, chair of the Legislature’s Planning Committee.  “Visit both sites and share your special knowledge of Sullivan County and your own community – you know it better than most!”

Questions about the planning process for “Resilient Sullivan” can be directed to the Division of Planning and Community Development at 845-807-0527 or via e-mail.