Hurley highway garage deemed unsafe; consultant says demolish it

WEST HURLEY – The Town of Hurley Highway Department garage has been posted as unsafe following an inspection conducted by a Kingston Architectural firm.

The facility, at 1035 Dug Hill Road in West Hurley, should be completely demolished, the consulting company, Lockwood Architecture, recommended in its report submitted to the town late on Monday, January 23. The firm conducted its inspection on December 14, 2022.

The building can no longer be legally occupied; however, town employees will be allowed to enter after notifying  the building department, to retrieve items to perform their work, as well as personal belongings.

The Lockwood study found cracks in the floors and walls, the presence of noxious gases, mold accumulation on the roof trusses, the structural integrity of the trusses in question, and mold and dry rot in the rafters.

Code Enforcement Officer Tom Tyron also cited exterior walls deteriorating, the rear garage settling, part of the concrete slab being undermined, and the electrical system not being up to code.

Tyron also noted a lack of smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms; improper storage of combustible materials; and a complete lack of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The town has been aware of the problems since 2019, when a previous administration was in office, current officials said.

The highway department’s new facility at 43 Basin Road has been ready for occupancy since October 2022. A move to that facility is underway.