Finally! When the New York Ice Castles Will Open this Year

If you’ve been feeling like this year’s New York winter feels a little different, you’re not wrong. It’s been a record year for all the wrong reasons, and it’s been affecting some of our favorite cold weather activities.

It’s hard to get in the skiing, sledding, or even snowman-making spirit without our favorite winter accessory: snow. In fact, New York City recently broke their own record for the most days without a measurable snowfall that’s been standing since 1973. While the Hudson Valley has seen precipitation, something similar has delayed one of the coolest winter experiences in the state.


Ice Castles in New York

Ice Castles, the company that creates, well, ice castles, in five states across the country finally made the announcement about their New York location. While unseasonably warm weather kept them from achieving optimal castle construction in January, the complete experience is only weeks away.


Ice Castle Opening Delayed in Lake George, NY

“The weather didn’t get cold enough fast enough to open in time for the next weekend”, Ice Castles recently posted. “As you can see, we still have some growing to do”, they added, referring to the rather stumpy ice walls that were still under construction (below). The good news is that they do plan to have their Lake George, NY location fully operational by Monday, February 6th.

image Ice Castles via Facebook Ice Castles via Facebook


Winter Activities in New York

There are more than a few amazing options if you’re looking for a beautiful winter experience, and not all of them require snow or ice. Check out the gorgeous Wild Lights in the Adirondacks below, and keep scrolling to see all the brave Hudson Valley ice cream shops staying open through our coldest months.

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