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  • Want to counter violent extremism? Let’s start talking about human dignity

    Time and again, it has been the creation of powerful and resonant narratives that has moved our nation forward through difficult times.      

  • How democracy could flourish if Elon Musk gets Twitter takeover right | Miraldi

    Tesla mogul Elon Musk must dive deep into the details of how to protect free speech responsibly, Rob Miraldi writes.      

  • Investment in electric buses will drive New York’s clean energy plan forward | Opinion

    The plan to allocate state funds to convert 50,000 school buses to electric will generate big clean energy dividends.      

  • Playbook of a dictator: Weighing the risks and rewards of the truth in Russia | Miraldi

    Vladimir Putin has shown us what the playbook of a dictator is when it comes to shutting down free speech.      

  • Bed Bath & Beyond, an original store at Vestal’s Parkway Plaza, to close later this year

    The Bed Bath & Beyond store was part of the original Parkway Plaza, built in 1996 as the retail boom took hold along the Vestal Parkway.      

  • What has been learned from police disciplinary records? A lot

    A guide to previously reported stories based on revelations from public access to New York police disciplinary records.      

  • Even as restrictions loosen, we must all stay vigilant against COVID-19 | Opinion

    We will still need to continue taking protective measures even when COVID-19 transitions from pandemic to endemic.      

  • Why aren’t Muslims’ religious freedoms equally protected? Rutgers professor explains | Opinion

    Why is religious discrimination allowed when Muslims are the target? Rutgers Law Professor Sahar Aziz breaks it down in her new book, “The Racial Muslim.”      

  • Kingston demonstrations shine a spotlight on imperiled free speech | Miraldi

    Demonstrators in Kingston, New York, who have opposed armored police vehicles are pressing their First Amendment rights.      

  • Tolls — not tax dollars — pay for the New York State Thruway System | Opinion

    Tolls — not tax dollars — pay for the New York State Thruway System